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Energy and Environment Department

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Energy and Environment Department

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Energy and Environment Department

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Energy and Environment Department

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Energy and Environment Department

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I appreciate your interest in Energy and Environment Engineering Department of the University. Energy & Environment Engineering Department was established in 2010 and is now one of the most progressive departments of Dawood University of Engineering & Technology in terms from currently demanded courses to active and highly qualified faculty, to improving education and research quality, to increasing field exposure, and to organizing national level events. The motivation behind establishing this department was to prepare Energy and Environment Engineers to cope with ever-increasing issues of Energy crises and Environmental concerns. The department offers a 4-year bachelors programme in Energy and Environment Engineering. Courses encompass the full spectrum of Energy and Environment from conventional power generation to renewable and alternative energy generation, and storage and efficient consumption technologies and from basic environmental concepts to upto date eco-technologies, waste handling and treatment methods, clean production and impact audits, design and development opportunities in the field. The department has a strong, competent and mostly foreign qualified team which ensures to provide high standard academic, research, supervision and counselling services. The Department of Energy & Environment Engineering at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology is one of the highly escalating departments with high probability for students to outshine their intelligence and ideas.

Dr. Ayaz Ali Shah
Assistant Professor
Chairperson, Department of Energy and Enviornment Engineering

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